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JobMount is ready for Google mobile-first index

On November 4, 2016 Google announced that it starts experimenting with mobile first search index. We are happy to confirm, JobMount job board software is mobile friendly. Our job board software is equipped with responsive or separate mobile friendly version of the job site.


“Mobile first index” means that Google will rank your website and create search listing based on the mobile version of the content, leaving desktop version of the page secondary. Search engine claims, change in the indexing should not drastically impact search results and website rankings. Furthermore, websites with available mobile or responsive version should not panic at all, since they are already prepared for the update.


According to numerous researches almost every job seeker uses mobile phone during job search. That is why ensuring job board content available and optimized for mobile users is remaining among JobMount job board software priorities. JobMount provides fully functioning mobile friendly job sites with mobile optimized applicant experience from job search to application. It’s mobile-SEO compliant and it’s also fast even on slow connections.


Therefore, no additional preparations are required for job boards with responsive or separate mobile optimized version.


JobMount is ready for Google mobile-first index


Try it yourself on live demo site or read more about mobile enabled job board software.


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“Easily apply” on Indeed

Add “Easily apply” label to the jobs broadcasted to Indeed and receive candidate applications and registrations without redirecting applicants to your job site.


“Easily apply” mark on the Indeed job search list



Job boards might receive up to 70% of the candidates traffic from job aggregators like Job seekers are redirected from job aggregator to job board or employer career site to complete the application. This process might cause job seeker drop off due to necessity to complete additional application profile.


Employers and job board managers now have a possibility to optimize candidates experience on the aggregator by adding “Easily apply” feature for broadcasted job on Job seekers will apply to the opening with one’s existing Indeed profile. Application data will be pushed to job board or career site via API. Job seeker may be automatically registered on the job board with the data received from


Furthermore, job boards might add feed specific questions to the application form on Indeed. Allowing job sites receive information required for registration or pre-screen the applicant.


“Apply now” with Indeed candidate profile



Request a quote or ask a question about the feature.


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Mobile file upload options added: Google Drive, Dropbox, copy-paste

JobMount enhances job board resume upload for mobile and desktop devices with additional options including Dropbox, Google drive and copy-paste.


JobMount team is constantly looking for ways to get rid off bottlenecks for job seeker application. With rising amount of mobile job searches and applications, it is extremely important to make sure mobile application offers a variety of options for job seeker to submit resume file successfully. JobMount suggests including additional file upload options to your job board. Allow candidates upload resumes from their Dropbox and Google Drive account or simply copy/paste text into the textbox so resume text it can be saved as .txt file and attached to application.


Resume file upload options


Google drive file selection



Read how to enable Dropbox and Google drive resume upload.

Contact us to inquire about the enhanced file upload feature.

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