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Job post preview prior to billing

If you are managing a job board, then you might have encountered employers confusion with “first pay then post” policy. The latest update from JobMount job board software allows job site managers and owners introduce “first preview then post” process for registered employers.


Increase customer loyalty by managing clients’ expectations and making sure employers know what they are paying for with new job board software feature. Simply switch on the feature from your JobMount admin panel.


Admin panel screenshot



Job board screenshot



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Job taxonomy service for job wrapping

Nowadays it is hard to find modern job boards that do not benefit from job scraping services. Although most of them still struggle with industry sector/category extraction from the employers career sites. To solve this issue for job board owners, SpiderMount introduces new service for automated job scraping – Job Taxonomy.


Job Taxonomy is aimed towards automated industry/category recognition. Job Taxonomy is an online service that analyses jobs content and  maps industry sector/category data based on available job information.


There are two integration options available for the job taxonomy solution from SpiderMount.


Option 1: Job Taxonomy API.

Job boards, ATSes, online recruitment services can send jobs XML data to JobTaxonomy API and obtain Industry category IDs mapped to jobs.




Option 2: Bundle With Job Wrapping service

Job spidering service in combination with JobTaxonomy scrapes jobs from employers’ websites lacking Industry Category listings and automatically defines relevant job industry sector/category with further update in the scraped data.




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Modern job board design template released

Provide better experience for employers and job seekers with a new attractive look of your job board. JobMount introduces upgraded template design for your job board software. More flexible and easier to use than before.


New modern template design


Check out JobMount new template demo version on


Upgraded features summary:


1. New look and feel

Fully refreshed front end design for both employers and job seekers with appealing and easy to understand user interface.


2. Responsive design

Job board is accessible from any device with the optimized design, whether it is a tiny screen smartphone or a desktop computer.


3. Full set of job board features available on any device

Mobile and tablet site versions include exactly the same set of features as desktop, including login via social networks, online purchase of services and job posting.


4. Simplified job alerts and resume alerts subscription

One click subscription to job alerts for logged-in job seekers. Simple subscription to email alerts for employers actively searching throughout submitted resumes.


5. New email notifications appearance

New job board email notification style, similar to the updated look and feel of the job board front end.


One-click job alert subscription

Alerts subscription


Job management functionality for employers

Job management_2


Explore upgraded employer functionality on mobile and web, including vacancies management and resume search, try one-click job alerts subscription and other features for candidates using our secure demo version of the job board template with automated user log-in.


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Full functionality on mobile






















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