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Why use secure passwords for admin users and recruiters?

It is estimated that two out of three data breaches involve poor passwords. Don’t be an easy target for hackers, protect your online presence with smart password management.


Small and medium businesses remain the main target group for sensitive information theft according to various researches. Nevertheless, when it comes to security, small business invest much less compared to big companies. In this case, password protection may be the cheapest and  the most effective way to protect your business.


IT security experts claim, that 25% of thefts are the cases of intentional password crack attempts aimed towards stealing  personal information performed by not professionals. Spam networks that hack user profile to distribute spam contribute the rest of the cases (up to 60%).


There are also some substantial risks for your job board in using “weak” passwords for admin and recruiter users:

  • – Candidate resume data can be stolen
  • – Fraudulent emails can be sent to candidates asking them to provide their personal data to steal it
  • – Spam messages distributed via your account
  • – Job board essential configurations deleted
  • – Payment system reconfigured to different account

Some simple steps to help your cyber security:

  • – Avoid using the same password over and over again on different websites
  • – Avoid information about the user or a common and often used words
  • – Avoid matching password (or part of it ) with user name or site domain or email
  • – Don’t use easily recognizable patterns (i.e, “12345”, “qwertyuiop”, “1qaz2wsx”, “poiuyt”, etc)
  • – Use passwords or passphrases of eight characters or more with mixed types of characters
  • – Use a password manager to organize and protect, generate random passwords


Find more tips on cyber safety from JobMount:

Credit card fraud on job boards


Credit card fraud on job boards

“Some guy purchased a $499 product on my job board, after setting up a new employer account, and without any prior contact“. If you have ever encountered a similar scenario, be careful, because it might be fraud.


Fraudsters often use job boards to check credit card numbers of stolen credit cards. If the charge processes, the fraudster will use the card for other purchases. Job board managers can run into trouble if people do this regularly. You risk getting discontinued by your credit card processor.


These few simple steps may prevent you from getting caught up in a scam.

  • – Check sudden expensive and unusual purchases.
  • – Look for an email address, it should be corporate. Gmail or another free email service might be a sign of a fake identity.
  • – Change suspicious employer’s/job seeker’s status to pending.
  • – Call or email the contact on this new account.
  • – If you call the number and determine that it is fraud, it is best if you login or call your credit card processor and ask them to delete to the charge prior to settlement.  This prevents chargebacks and negative impacts on your merchant account.

Be cautious of fraud on your job board to prevent your business from unnecessary trouble.


“Easily apply” on Indeed

Add “Easily apply” label to the jobs broadcasted to Indeed and receive candidate applications and registrations without redirecting applicants to your job site.


“Easily apply” mark on the Indeed job search list



Job boards might receive up to 70% of the candidates traffic from job aggregators like Job seekers are redirected from job aggregator to job board or employer career site to complete the application. This process might cause job seeker drop off due to necessity to complete additional application profile.


Employers and job board managers now have a possibility to optimize candidates experience on the aggregator by adding “Easily apply” feature for broadcasted job on Job seekers will apply to the opening with one’s existing Indeed profile. Application data will be pushed to job board or career site via API. Job seeker may be automatically registered on the job board with the data received from


Furthermore, job boards might add feed specific questions to the application form on Indeed. Allowing job sites receive information required for registration or pre-screen the applicant.


“Apply now” with Indeed candidate profile



Request a quote or ask a question about the feature.


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