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Job board SEO FAQ #2

JobMount team continues to answer frequently asked questions about job board SEO and job board software features. Send us your puzzling questions about job board and we will help you to find an answer.


Is there automatic Sitemap.xml?

Yes, JobMount job board software automatically creates sitemap file based on all static pages, jobs and landing pages. If sitemap is submitted earlier to search engines (i.e. via Google Webmaster Tools) it is also automatically updated and fetched.


You can also manually set up visibility and priority of static pages in sitemap.xml via JobMount admin panel.

More information about job board sitemap in JobMount support and google blog.


Does JobMount include Robots.txt editor?

Yes, you can edit your robots.txt file directly from the job board software admin panel. More info here.

Robots.txt file is used as instructions to web bots and spiders(if they have permission to access site pages or site directories) provided by website owners.


What should I do to improve job board page indexing?

Increased job pages indexing by Google and other search engines generates more organic traffic to your job board. Note, that it may take some time for search engines to crawl and cache job pages. Check out indexing instructions.


To check if your job board pages are indexed input into searchbox: site:https://YOUR_JOBBOARD_URL

JobMount SEO Dashboard provides indexing statistics.




To improve job board indexing follow next steps:

  1. Configure landing pages for categories, job titles, locations and their intersections. Links to jobs are available via optimized landing pages that are frequently revisited by Googlebot and other crawlers.
  2. Submit sitemap.xml file to Google Webmaster tools.
  3. Shorten revisit time for crawler by updating landing pages content frequently – post new jobs or upload them via job wrapping.


After your brand new job board launch, keep an eye on indexing and crawling stats to rectify possible errors in your SEO set up.


I have JavaScript navigation on my job board. Will Google crawl and index it?

Google will index and follow the links in Javascript navigation. In order to hide them: use redirect, block via robots.txt or use NoFollow.

This means that links from your job board search results and mobile menus will be indexed.


Does JobMount have job posting implementation?

No, our job board software doesn’t include job posting markup on default. We may include it for you on request.

However, JobMount team have found no proven benefit from using job schema markup. Major job boards do not use it.


What is Open Graph Tag?  Is it implemented in JobMount software?

Open graph protocol is used by social networks to display shared content, i.e adding image, title and description.

JobMount automatically generates open graph meta data.




Can I use custom designed 404 or other Server Response Page?

Yes, you can replace standard server response page with custom one on request to JobMount team.


However, there are performance considerations for such page. New HTML page should be under 1024 bytes.


Read more:


Job board SEO FAQ #1

JobMount team answers frequently asked questions about job board SEO and automated job board SEO features. We will continue collect your questions about job board SEO and answer them in our blog.


Is JobMount job board compliant with SEO best practices?

Yes, including both desktop and mobile webmaster recommendations.


Can I fine-tune meta tags?

Yes, JobMount job board comes with prepopulated meta tags. In addition,  meta tags for all pages may be fine-tuned.  Follow our support article to find out how: Define meta tags for job board pages


Where are the H4, H5 and H6 headlines? Should I put some in?

Importance of headline tags decreases with number, so most important are H1-H3 tags. Others have no influence on rankings and can be used to format complex content pages.


How do I add alt tags to the images?

This depends on where image is placed, few examples:

  • – Logo’s tag is in Admin node to change logo
  • – For images in content pages – add alt=”…” tag via HTML editing mode, see more Edit HTML in WYSIWYG editor
  • – For Featured employers populate Title field
  • – For design page elements – edit site theme in Templates section


What is W3C validation? Does this need to be done?

W3C validation is the check against compliance with World Wide Web Consortium rules. It is needed to ensure technical quality of web pages and compatibility with existing or future browsers.

While 100% validation is not mandatory and most of the sites do not fully validate against this check, no search rankings influence has been observed previously. Nevertheless our sites are checked for W3C compliance as a standard check and all important issues are fixed.


Should I canonicalize the IP address?

There is no need as site is not opening up by IP.


Do you provide SEO services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer SEO services, we only offer SEO technology. All our clients are either hiring someone to manage SEO and marketing for them or using SEO company service.


Can I use HTTPS and will it improve my SEO?

Yes, SSL can be activated and secure pages can be ranked higher, see more at Switch job board to HTTPS


You may ask us your questions, we will be glad to help you.

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SEO-friendly videos on your job board

JobMount job board software team provides tips on how to use embedded videos to benefit your job site search engine optimization.

Video content has proved to increase engagement with website users. Job board owners and job publishers get a chance to use videos to their advantage, mainly increase job application rates.


Job boards may also use video content to benefit their SEO. Pages with embedded videos will appear both in video search and generic search. Therefore adding up to your overall page relevance. Here are the important steps not to be missed:

  • – Surround video with relevant text
  • – Implement markup for the video
  • – Make sure that your video and markup are visible without executing any JavaScript or Flash
  • – Test your markup markup is supported by main search engines and is not visible to users. One may add markup directly to the HTML of the page. To index the video properly, each item should have following properties:

  • – Title
  • – Description
  • – Thumbnail
  • – Content or embed URL

Google provides its guidelines to VideoObject markup. Don’t forget to test your changes with structured data testing tool.


Here is an example of markup of embedded YouTube video. video object markup on job board page


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How to insert video into your job board pages


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