Risk Free Job Board Start Up

Launching a fully functional hosted job board based on template design is the easiest way to start. Get it live for a few months, test the waters and upgrade if required when sales start kicking-in.

Your initial investment when starting with template/hosted solution:
1. 1st quarter hosting fee (no license cost).
2. Admin customization time (20-30 hours for initial listings and forms configuration).
3. Getting logo done, updating imagery and content.
4. Marketing activities for advertising your job board.
5. Jobs population: automatic or manual.
6. Buying domain name and setting its IP address to show the new job board.

Client websites based on customized templates:
Template job board designTemplate job board

Template design can be upgraded to custom at any time. I.e. custom designed website:
Custom job board

View all clients.

Own software & data
You are the sole owner of hosted job board data: resumes and employers. As your job board business proves successful, upgrade to custom designed standalone job board and transfer both job board software and database to your own server for full control.

Industry-best SEO
JobMount template provides powerful SEO Dashboard to attract visitors via Google.

Template SEO performance

Why launch a Job Board business?
This is an excellent way to:

  • leverage your industry contacts
  • build a proprietary database of contacts that will grow and stay with you
  • earn a piece of the $6 billion per year that is spent on on-line recruiting

Tip for new domain owners
Make sure you have published a coming soon page for your job board template early and had it indexed on Google. For Google places all newly indexed domains to a sandbox for a few months. Which means you will get no positions/traffic for that period.

More info:
Job board functionality
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