4 Signs You May Need to Rethink Your Job Board Software

Are your customers not seeing enough job seekers visit their listings? Are you watching revenue flatline, despite investing time and money into all kinds of new “solutions”?

If so, your job board software might be the culprit. Here are four signs that’s the case, plus what to look for from your next provider.

1. Adding Jobs Content Is Like Pulling Teeth

Traffic to your job board has plateaued and it’s starting to dip. Your clients are growing frustrated. Their listings are gathering dust. You’re trying everything you can to attract job seekers – you even hired an SEO specialist to optimize your site. But you know the best way to drive traffic is by adding more listings.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the time or technical expertise to add more jobs. You’ve been DIY’ing your job scraping, and just monitoring existing scrapes stretches you thin.

Of course, you’ve considered outsourcing your job scraping. But this means you’ll need to find a web scraping firm that can reliably configure scrapes, perform daily monitoring tasks, and deliver you plenty of fresh jobs content.

That’s not easy. And your clients are ready to walk today.

You’ve also looked into organic backfilling services, which can provide you with a bulk feed of tailored jobs. But the same problem exists: it takes time to find the right partner and you need content yesterday.

It shouldn’t be this difficult – or stressful – to populate your site. If it is, it may be a software problem. As you look for new solution, find one that makes it easy to add listings, either by handling scraping for you, providing easy access to organic backfilling services – or both.

2. Your Customer Support Tickets Are Piling Up

You submitted a ticket to customer support last week about a missing logo on your job board. Then another ticket about a malfunctioning menu. And now you’re noticing that the formatting on job listings is off.

But it’s been crickets from the support team. If you don’t hear back soon, you’ll have to either fix the problem yourself (which requires a knowledge of HTML and CSS) or bring on a contract developer to fix things – not exactly in the budget.

Extremely slow responses to tickets aren’t just frustrating; they translate to lost business.

If week-long waits are the norm, it may be time to look for a job board software provider that offers better customer support. When looking, ask vendors if you’ll have a dedicated account manager or about their average response times. If the answers to those questions are “Yes” and “Within 24 hours,” you’ve likely found a fit!

3. You’re Getting Nickel and Dimed

Expenses have been piling up lately. You’ve been scaling your job board, though, so maybe this is normal. But your profit margins were better months ago, before you started growing.

So you take a closer look at your statements and see surcharges for items like “additional XML feed imports.” After digging further, you notice other features, like multilingual support and LinkedIn integrations, are billed as monthly add-ons.

If your profit margin is shrinking while your engagement grows, it might be time to find a software provider whose pricing is more growth-friendly. In other words, find a vendor, like us, who doesn’t restrict the number of XML feeds you can import.

You shouldn’t ever be penalized for curating the jobs your audience wants.

4. You’re Boxed In by Limited Customizations

Traffic to your job board keeps dropping. But there’s plenty of content and your scrapes run fine. You’re stumped. You decide to visit a competitor’s site. It’s like stepping into the future. There are custom fields, “easy apply” options, faceted search, and new boolean search criteria.

No wonder traffic is dropping – your job board isn’t delivering enough value. You reach out to customer support and ask when they’ll add new features.

Radio silence. Crickets.

You’re stuck. There’s no way you can meaningfully update your site to rival competitors. And your traffic continues to plummet, taking your clients with it.

If your job board is losing traffic and you can’t add necessary enhancements, it might be time to find a new software vendor. Even better, look into the only job board software provider that allows you to purchase licenses to its code (hint: it’s us). With a license, you have free reign to edit the code and add whichever features you want, whenever you want.

In Today’s Online Job Search Environment, the Right Job Board Software Sets You Apart

We’re in a period of record job turnover, and 60 percent of job seekers look for openings via online job boards. There’s no shortage of job boards to choose from. So how do you stand out from the crowd?

You choose the job board software like JobMount, which helps you drive maximum traffic to your clients’ listings, all while providing a seamless user experience. We also maintain JobsIndex, which you can use to populate your board with the exact combination of job listings you want.

If you’re interested in starting or revamping a job board, reach out. We’d love to help.

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