Simplified content editing via front-end

Job board administrators can now save time spent browsing admin content tree by activating edit icons on website front-end instead. Simplified content navigation adds edit icons to website content boxes: images, text boxes, advertising slots, etc. These icons lead to available editing options for items chosen.

Software screenshot: homepage with edit icons activated for quick content updates.

front-end editing 1

Software screenshot: logo editing example.

front-end editing 2 logo edit icon

Follow edit button to open logo editing:

front-end editing 3 logo edit admin

Software screenshot: page content editing

front-end editing 4 edit advert jobs

Feature activation

Feature is activated via Admin: Site Settins: Tools: Editing via front end on/off.

Click on the link to activate/de-activate feature.

front-end editing 5

NB: edit icons will only be active for logged in Administrator user.

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