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Configuring zip code search

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Feature example: job/resume search within x miles of zip code


Zip code search is available for:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom

Zip code radius search activation in admin

1. Navigate Admin part of your job board software

Site Settings : Vacancy : Vacancy Settings
Site Settings : Multiple Resume : Multiple Resume Settings

2. Create new text field for Zip code data: File:Field-zip-code.png

See example on how to add fields here: Job posting form editing

In order to have Zip code search working this field should be filled during posting so it is recommended to mark it as Required.

3. Configure search form to include zip code search here

Site Settings : Vacancy : Advanced Job Search Settings
Site Settings : Multiple Resume : Advanced Search Settings 

3.1. Add new search field with type Zip code

3.2. In field properties configure field to use newly created data field for zip code search File:Field-zip-code-search.png

3.3. Set other Fields properties if needed and save changes.

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