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Content Tree nodes include both common content pages and texts for the functional pages like post job or resume search.

In order to locate page for editing in job board software admin first open that job board page in the browser and have a look at the address line:


Depending on the address after the domain name pages are placed either in Content or Dynamic content folders.

Following pages are located in Content Tree: Home: Content

/cm/ - home-linked pages
/cm/candidates/ - generic job seeker content pages - i.e. /cm/candidates/join_now
/cm/clients/ - generic employer content pages - i.e. /cm/clients/advertise_jobs

For example of the of the Join now (address you should open following node:


Following pages are located in Content Tree: Home: Dynamic Content

/career/ - jobs pages, not available for direct editing (job IDs are assigned automatically by vacancies management)

I.e. for the job search page with URL text can be added via this node:


Please note

  • not all functional pages are present/editable in job board software admin.
  • do not delete nodes in Dynamic content

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