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Copy and paste from MS Word into WYSIWYG

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Search results or job/resume details page is broken or parts of HTML are showing up on front end pages.


The issue might arise from hidden formatting added by MS Word and other editors to HTML.

Example of formatting viewable in HTML mode:

"left !important;border-left:rgb(0,0,0) 0px;padding-bottom:0px !important;line-height:14px "


  • Use built-in clean up tool in Site Settings: Tools: Cleanup HTML


Alternative solutions

  • Copy-paste the text into plain text mode editor (Notepad or DreamWeaver code window). Then copy-paste again into job board software WYSIWYG editor. Formatting will get lost (bold, italic, size, hyperlinks). These would need to be added manually.
  • Or try the auto-replace feature of Notepad to simply cut off repetitive formatting bits.
  • Use Dreamweaver menu feature to clean up Word formatting: Commands -> Clean Up Word HTML
  • Text tip can be added near WYSIWYG field on job/resume form to advise users not to copy and paste from MS Word directly. Use "Text section" field type to add it to forms.

RE & Keywords

  • Problems with posting text from MS Word into WYSIWYG
  • Page formatting is broken due to MS Word formatting

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