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Edit Browse By boxes content on homepage

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1. Edit names of the tabs on the home page

Navigate admin to change the names of tabs on the home page:

Home: Dynamic Content: Main: Texts: Browse by Locations
Home: Dynamic Content: Main: Texts: Browse by Sectors

File:Browse by title.jpg

Save changes and refresh the page.

2. Edit set of links in the Browse By boxes

Navigate admin

Site Settings: SEO Management: SEO AI: Settings 

Scroll down to the WYSIWYG called Side Bar

File:Side Bar.jpg

Important Note: This field contains Div tags (visible in HTML view). These are to be kept intact.

  • Links for Browse by Locations tab are located in the first line of the table
  • Links for Browse by Sector tab are located in the second line of the table

The set of links is built by means of SEO variables. Learn the Professional SEO package configuration guide for more information on how to set up these variables

Save settings using Save button.

Click Apply All Settings button at the top of the page to apply changes on the front end.

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