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What is email bounce?

Email bounce: email is deferred or cannot be delivered.

Types of bounces logged:

  • Hard bounce: the email account is no longer valid, domain is expired, etc.
  • Soft bounce: relay error, mailbox is full, mailbox is suspended, vacation reply, temporary mailserver issues.

Bounces processing

JobMount software sends 2 types of emails:

1.Automatic notifications (i.e. registration confirmation, job alerts, etc.).

From address: job board owner/admin email. From address is set up in job board admin area. This email account is managed / hosted by client (not JobMount).

Job board admin will receive bounce notifications and be able to update user account (change email, archive, etc.).

2. User messaging (i.e. recruiter to applicant).

From address: sender's email.

Sender will receive bounce notification and be able to contact job board administrator for resolution.

Server logging

All job board emails are passed to standalone mailing software via SMTP. This SMTP server software is separate from job board application. It sends emails and logs recipient servers' replies (i.e. bounces).

Please note: client hosted SMTP server is sometimes used for custom solutions.

All bounces are logged by standalone SMTP server and notification emails are sent to email specified in from field.

Automatic bounce tracking by job board software

Bounce report & user profile highlighting as "email bounced" can be configured as a custom solution.

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