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Header and footer customization

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Steps to follow:

1. Navigate Admin section of your job board software:

Site Settings: Templates

File:Template management.jpg

Important Note:

  • Basic template - the default job board template. It can not be edited or deleted. You can use it as an example in terms of code and HTML.
  • New template - custom template for updating. You can create several templates with arbitrary names.

2. Click Edit/Show button to access the code management

There are 5 areas to edit:

  • Home Page Header - website header area of the home page
  • Home Page Footer - footer area of the home page
  • Inner Page Header - header area for all internal pages
  • Page Footer - footer area for all internal pages
  • CSS - styles

You can use following variables to display functional areas:

Header Zone:

File:Header zone variables.jpg

Footer Zone:

File:Footer links.jpg

CSS Styles:


3. After the changes are done, click Save button and check the updated on the website front end

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