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Inserting image with a link

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Steps to follow:

1. Upload image to your job board software admin.

(Upload new image instructions.)

3. Open the page that you would like to place the link on

4. Click to icon "HTML" for edit content in HTML mode

File:Place link.jpg

5. Place following link code to the editor

<p class="link_icon">

<img height="16" src="/imglib/rss.gif"/>

<a href="/cm/candidate/rss"> Subscribe to Job RSS</a>


File:Html link.jpg

6. Indicate the styles for the link and image. Open the node Site Settings -> Edit WSW Styles


7. Type following code to the textarea:

p.link_icon {overflow: hidden}

p.link_icon img, p.link_icon a{float: left;}

p.link_icon a {margin: 0 0 0 5px;}

p.link_icon img{5px 5px 0 0}

you can play with margin values to locate the icon in correct place

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