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JobMount software hosting requirements

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OS: Linux (Debian Linux is preferred), Unix, Windows.

Application Server: OpenJDK 11, Apache-Tomcat 8.5

Database: PostgreSQL 9.6 or newer ( 11 preferred )

Webserver: nginx (preferred), Apache2 with mod_proxy , (IIS for Windows)

Hosting: Dedicated Server (preferred option), Virtual Private Server, your own server.


Minimum, required:

  • RAM: 2Gb 64bit OS
  • CPU speed: 1 GHz (2 CPU preferred)
  • Disk Storage: 3 Gb or more

Recommended server configuration for 500,000 pageviews monthly, 50K jobs and 50K resumes (performance might vary based on system configuration):

  • RAM: 4GB 64bit OS
  • CPU: 1 x Xeon CPU
  • Disk Storage: 4 x 72GB SAS drives
  • RAID10

For AWS could hosting services

If PostgreSQL DB runs in an Instance

Instance type:

  • minimum: c5.large
  • recommended: m5.large

If Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL used (db.r4.large instance)

  • Application Instance can be smaller: t2.medium / c5.large

RE & Keywords

  • JobMount technology
  • Application platform
  • Programming language

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