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JobMount posting interface should be used for automatic jobs publishing by 3rd party applications (i.e. Broadbean, Idibu, JobG8).

What it can do?

  • accept jobs in XML format from external sources using post or remove commands described below
  • XML should be pre-formatted based on site specs

What it can't do?

  • can not get jobs from external sources like HTTP link or FTP file
  • can not transform information received in XML

Alternatively there are functions like job aggregator or job wrapping to actively get jobs from external sources.


Jobs can be posted either as:

  • Single XML file containing both commands and all jobs content.
  • Multiple XMLs files (one for each job).

XML file is posted via HTTP to job board interface / URL.

Interface URL and full set of instructions compiled can be accessed via Admin section of job board software:

Content Tree: Home: Dynamic Content: Main: Posting Interface Info

JobMount job board application automatically compiles XML instructions.

Field posting properties are defined whilst configuring your vacancy settings:


Job posting form editing.

Commands review

All commands should be posted via POST or GET request method using parameter "?data" .

So, the request will look like:

YOUR_DOMAIN_POST_URL?data=<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><post><employer_email></employer_email> ...

1. Add job

Posts new job or updates current one

2. Remove job

Expires the job already posted

XML Tags List

Fields are configured to match recipient job board interface:

1. Post

2. employer_company_name

3. …

URL to post to:

specify to post to via HTTP

XML query example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


<employer_company_name>Sample Company Name</employer_company_name>

<employer_title>Sample Title</employer_title>

XML response example (if OK):






Please note: format of response XML can’t be changed

Remove Command

URL: supplyURL_to_remove

XML example:




Please note: format of remove request XML can’t be changed

XML response example (if OK):




Please note: format of response XML can’t be changed

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