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Logo editing is not available in admin

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Logo editing section is not in admin. I cannot edit logo/change image.


1. Navigate job board software Admin:

Content Tree: Home: Dynamic Content: Main: Layout:

2. Click on Layout section and confirm if Logo editing option is available:


3. If the logo box/link for editing is not there:

3.1. Choose "Holder.image" type of node in dropdown and click Add.


3.2. Supply settings as per screenshot below (but insert YOUR logo file instead).

Compulsory setting: shortname: logo

Important note: text placed in "Title" field will be displayed as logo image Title and Alt attributes


If you have saved incorrect shortname:

click Edit button to edit Logo page again and proceed to Properties to change shortname for logo.

3.3. Submit changes.

3.4. System will start using the logo image specified in newly created Logo node.

Logo node will become available for logo editing in job board software Admin: Changing logo.

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