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Popular locations and titles editing in footer

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Footer SEO links are based on SEO settings and numbers of jobs within relevant categories (popular regions, job titles, etc): File:Popular_locations.png

SEO AI links and are automatically generated based on popularity of jobs, indexing status (cached by Google), applicant’s searches, season, and keyword priority.

Configuration and fine-tuning

1. Navigate admin

Site Settings: SEO Management: SEO AI: Settings

2. Find the WYSIWYG called Footer

File:Footer wsw.jpg

3. Put the needed SEO variable

Review Professional SEO package configuration guide for more information on setting up SEO variables.

4. Save and Apply Settings

Click Save button to save configuration.

Click the button Apply All Settings to make your changes visible on the front end.

File:Apply settings.jpg

Important Notes


  • Edit links on the footer
  • Automatic links with jobs
  • Linking landing pages

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