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Post launch job board finalization

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Post launch checklist

  1. Integrate Google Webmaster Tools into job board software system. Send verification file to JobMount account manager in order to place it into the root of the site.
  2. Submit & verify Sitemap xml.
  3. Insert google analytics code.
  4. Check if correct live site URL is placed into Site parameters.
  5. Check if email header and footer uses correct absolute links to images.
  6. If Google Maps API used to show location for job details pages check if API key is correctly specified in Site parameters.
  7. If Facebook Like or other social buttons used check if correct links liked.
  8. Do a test purchase via every payment system configured to check if redirect to payment system is working correctly.
  9. Optional: check spider posting
  10. Optional: for job boards in folder review robots.txt
  11. Optional: check Facebook and LinkedIn logins.

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