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Running PHP together with your Java-based website

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Implementation examples

  • adding a WordPress blog to your job board (within /blog folder)
  • directory section (run by PHP software)
  • custom sections/pages run by PHP applications


Ngnix + Apache option

Here is one of configuration options available for solution based on:

  • Ngnix-hosted Java (job board software)
  • Apache-hosted PHP application (different server)

Split Java and PHP applications so they are run on separate servers.

Configure proxy pass to create folder within main website URL (same domain as job board).

Write following instruction to your Ngnix config for your virtual host (i.e. yourjobboard.conf):

 server {
   listen 80;
   location /blog {

where is IP of your PHP server.

Make sure that ServerName ( in Apache config is match with server_name in Ngnix settings and document root of PHP server contain folder correspond to proxy_pass location (/blog) will present your job board and — PHP blog.

More information

RE & Keywords

  • Adding WordPress blog (3rd party application) to your job board
  • Redirect folder to another server

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