Job Board SEO Digest #3


Microsoft acquires Yahoo: Bing share grows to 38%

Google: 65%. Yahoo cuts costs and will use Bing search results. No solid facts on Bing SEO differences yet. Search engine is still in beta. Follow JobMount blog for updates.

NoFollow will no loner help to grow PageRank

If you have 2 outbound links on your page and one of them has NoFollow attribute set, Google will still pass only 50% of PageRank weight to the other page with no NoFollow setting (not 100% as was previously reckoned). (As per Danny Sullivan, SMX Advanced.

More info on PageRank & NoFollow: Matt Cutts post.

Links in Javascript are now indexed by Google

Google will index and follow the links in Javascript navigation. In order to hide them: use redirect, block via robots.txt or use NoFollow.

Discussion on Sphinn, WebmasterWorld1 и WebmasterWorld2.

Google adds domain change to Webmaster Tools

Switching website from one domain to another is a critical change for it might lead to Google positions loss. Google Webmaster Tools now offers a tool to change your domain and keep positions. You can verify 2 domains in Google Webmaster Tools and confirm for Google on domain migration. Make sure you review Help, and understand the process.

JobMount offers google-friendly redirects mapping service for your website migration. It will make sure visitor opening old page ULR obtains relevant new page.

More info: Google Webmaster Help DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

Top SEO tactics from SEOmoz

SEOmoz shared its SEO secrets recently. Statistics is offered to confirm methods reviewed. Content overview:

  • Title tag format
  • H1 tags
  • NoFollow
  • Canonic tag
  • Atl text for images
  • Meta Keywords
  • Footer links
  • Javascript & Flash usage
  • 301-redirects
  • Blocking pages
  • Google Search Wiki influence on ranking
  • Negative links
  • Traffic influence on ranking

Discussions on Sphinn.

Viruses are damaging traffic

Google Security Blog emphasized virus problem. It will not directly influence your ranking, but Google will place a serp in its search results to advise visitors on probable virus.

More info: Google Webmaster Help and SeRoundTable.

Google launches AdSense for iPhone & Android apps.

Google announces beta version of AdSense for mobile.

More info: Google AdSense Help.

JobMount adds Twitter job posting

Twitter job posting tool is added to JobMount job board software. It will advertise selected jobs on multiple Twitter accounts. Tool will search for new jobs posted within specified period of time, select ads as per keyword, location, category or employer, and auto-post to Twitter.

More info:

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