Setting RSS catalog lists


1. Create RSS subscription page
2. RSS feeds management
3. RSS feed content configuration: template editing

Create RSS subscription page

Create an RSS subscription page for all industries, locations or other listings required. I.e.:

Subscribe to rss page

1. Navigate admin

Settings: SEO: Landing pages & URLs: URL Structure

2. Click on URL type you want to show on the RSS catalog page, for example

Vacancy url management

3. Tick the checkbox called Use for RSS Catalog

View all enabled

4. Click Save & return button

Save and return

Repeat steps 2 – 4 for all other URL types you want to show on the list. Checkboxes are only available for 1-level URL types that use dictionaries.

5. Navigate admin

Content: Generic

6. Create new usual content page (Site page with WYSIWYG text) and specify in Dynamic Template: rss

Now you can link this page on the home page, menu or any other place.

RSS feeds management

Visitors can subscribe for new jobs (either all or by selected search criteria) by RSS. Example of RSS jobs feed (JobMount demo):

RSS feed example

RSS feed content configuration: template editing

1. Navigate Admin:

Tools: Outbound feeds: RSS settings

2. Click on the feed name to edit it:

RSS feed template

4. Update feed template.

5. Submit changes.


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