Stripe integration


1. Registering merchant account
2. Admin configuration

Registering merchant account

1. Visit Stripe website: create and activate your account:

Stripe: Use an app: Activate account

Stripe start

Stripe activate account

2. To add your Stripe account on the job board you`ll need 3 keys of your Stripe account.

2.1 Publishable key.

Stripe: Developers: API keys: Table Standard keys

Stripe publishable key

2.2. Secret key.

Stripe: Developers: API keys: Table Standard keys (find next to the Publishable key)

To get the Secret key click on the Reveal key token button.

Stripe secret key

Stripe reveal key

2.3. Signing a secret key.

Stripe: Developers: Webhooks and click on the "Add endpoint" button

Stripe webhooks

2.3.2. Fill in the field Endpoint URL with the URL https://YOUR DOMAIN NAME/main/payment/callbackStripe (see screenshot below)

Please mind whether your job board URL starts with www. or not. It's important for the Webhook to work properly.

2.3.3. Then in the Events to send dropdown select Checkout -> checkout.session.completed and press the Add endpoint button:

Stripe endpoint

2.3.4. In order to see and copy the Signing secret key click on the Click to reveal button.

Stripe reveal

2.3.5. Activate the Checkout then.

Stripe: Settings: Checkout settings

Stripe checkout settings

Then enable the Checkout client-only integration and add your job board domain name (without www.) into the Domains field and press the Save button.

Client only integration

Admin configuration

1. Navigate the Admin section of your job board application:

Settings: Payments: Payment systems integration

Payment systems

2. System will offer payment gateways currently integrated:

Edit: Payment systems management.

3. Open Stripe properties: click on logo or edit icon: Stripe properties screen will be offered:

3.2. On the Edit Payment System scroll down and edit the following parameters:

stripe_api_key – insert your Publishable key (clause 2.1)
sk_key – insert your Secret key (clause 2.2)
signing_secret_key – insert your Signing secret key (clause 2.3)
locale – insert your language. Supported Languages for Stripe Checkout

Stripe parameters


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