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1. Hosted solution

Ongoing monthly fee, hosting & support: $295 / month ($885 pre-paid quarterly).
Initial activation: $1,950 (incl. customization, training, 1 free spider for 6 months). 
Additional charges apply for custom design, SEO, spider, optional extras and services. 
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Your data ownership

You have full control & ownership of your data. JobMount software provides data export & import facilities. Your hosted job board is based on a separate application and database so: 1) your data is not shared with anyone else, 2) you can switch to a standalone job board license at any point and move the site to your own server.


2. Standalone software license

JobMount offers two standalone job board licenses:
- Encrypted source (client can host, but cannot edit source code): $6,500.
- Not encrypted (full source, client can host and edit source code): $9,500.

Standalone license job board can be hosted either on client or on JobMount server.
JobMount software hosting & technology requirements.

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