FB/LinkedIn registration & Jobs Widget added to standard order form

JobMount is adding the following optional extras to our default package, so our customers can add these features on request at no additional cost:

Registration via Facebook and Linkedin

Users can connect to their Facebook and/or Linkedin accounts to create an employer or a job seeker account on your job board. Note that the system pulls the basic account details such as first name, last name and email address.

Jobs widget

The jobs widget can be embedded into any external website, landing page or WordPress blog via a script that our team provides. The script includes a quick job search form and a short list of latest jobs available on your job board. Performing a job search via the external jobs widget or clicking on any of the available jobs will lead the user back to your job board. Additionally, you can apply various styles to the job search form to match the look & feel of the site you are embedding it into.

Jobs widget

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