Email/admin verification of job board registrations

JobMount presents a new feature to verify employers and candidates that register on your job board.

This will greatly improve users quality, strengthen job board security and prevent fraud and spam registrations.

There are 3 verification levels available:

  1. Email verification. After registration, the employer/candidate receives an email notification with a link to verify that the email address actually belongs to them. Unverified employer/candidate entries are removed from the job board database after 48 hours.
  2. Admin verification (applicable to employer registrations only). After registration, the admin of the job board should manually review the employer account in the admin panel and approve or cancel the profile. If cancelled, the employer entry will remain in the database until fully deleted or approved at a later date. Cancelled employers cannot register on the site again using the same email address.
  3. Email + admin verification. A combination of the first 2 points in the list. Each employer must verify his/her email address first and then wait for approval from the admin of the job board. 

NOTE: Email verification is prioritized. Only after confirming the email address, the newly registered employer account falls into “Pending admin verification” status.

Unverified employers/candidates are not allowed to log in to their accounts and use standard job board functionality (e.g. post jobs, add resumes, purchase products, edit profile details, etc.)

Also, unverified employers will not appear in the Employers Directory list until verified by any of the present means (email, admin or both).

For more information, please contact your JobMount account manager.

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