Frequency Of SEO Maintenance & Updates

How often would you update your job board page titles, URL structure, homepage content, prioritize keywords or create new types of landing pages?

Allow 1-2 weeks for major changes indexing
SEO changes take a couple of weeks on average to get indexed and start influencing your ranking/traffic. So make sure the updates you made earlier got indexed and allow some waiting time before interfering. 2 weeks, sometimes a month, based on share of your website content influenced by the change.

New landing pages: monthly
Review the keywords used by job seekers in search and Google Analytics referring keywords to add more relevant landing pages on monthly basis

Prioritize keywords: quarterly
Use JobMount software SEO Dashboard to prioritize top keywords and get the landing pages obtain higher ranking.

Competition keywords: quarterly
Check for keywords used by competition and these keywords ranking at least each quarter and update your keyword listing accordingly.

Titles and headings: 6 mo
Job advert and landing pages HTML Title and heading structure (unless highly problematic) can be reviewed once in 6 months.

Text content areas for landing pages: 6 mo
These do not require constant updates, but additional dynamic content (i.e. blog feed) would help.

Problem indicators to keep track of
Observe your search engine positions and visitors’ activity (Google Analytics stats) on weekly basis to identify problems early. Usual problematic areas: stagnating traffic, bounce rates growing, little time spent on site, goals/conversions decrease, job indexing share drop, search engine positions loss, etc.

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