Job Board SEO Digest #4

Latest job board SEO news and tips compiled by JobMount job board software team:

Google’s Panda lowers ranking for job boards with duplicate or poor jobs content
New ranking algorithm fights content farms and low-quality content. Job boards are to check the landing pages for high bounce rates, take care of duplicate pages and attract more of the unique job openings. More on Panda and what you can do.

Google considers job board pages’ loading time
Website ranking is influenced by job board pages loading time. Get a website speed report and recommendations from Google labs to check your job board software implementation. Similarly, faster pages have lower bounce rates and higher conversion.

Reconsider Bing SEO
Bing and Yahoo share has reached 31.7%. Bing improved from 10% to 16%.

Get Facebook comments indexed by Google
Here is how search engines indexing is set for Facebook comments box on your job board.

Create useful 404 pages
Google recommends creating useful 404 pages: keep generic job board look & feel, navigation, provide most popular content links. Still make sure server software returns 404 HTTP status code so the page is not indexed by Google. More details: creating useful 404 pages.

Microsoft has published an article on improving your pages trust rank
Key issues: grammatical errors, amount of adverts on page,  domain type, website awards (i.e. Webby), Alexa and other rankings, relations with other sites (, Facebook likes, Twitter comments, Delicious). Amongst other important issues: unique visitors number, territorial popularity, time on website, returning visitors, etc. Download Microsoft trust rank paper here.

Target keyword in job board domain is getting more important
This is to confirm keyword domains are easier to optimize for target keywords included “i.e.”. Video from Google WebmasterHelp

Google and Bing: white lists do exist
More established job board might weather Google’s or Bing’s software algorithm changes (i.e. Panda) for being whitelisted. This also makes it tougher for new job sites to compete.

Bing has started personalizing results based on user’s Facebook data
Job boards shown up might now depend on what job seeker’s friends liked when doing job searches.

Ads amount can indirectly influence ranking via visitors’ behavior
Make sure your job board pages are welcoming for job seekers, and numerous adverts are not pushing them away (high bounce rate, short pages viewing time).

Spam domains can lead to Google ban for hosting account
Job boards on your hosting account can get banned for other low quality domains being hosted on same server.

Google Translate can be considered spamming
Manual intervention is advised instead of using Google Translate software to avoid “creating auto-generated content”. Comments & original Google quote.

Google offers a chart for search traffic changes
Review your industry niche traffic progress for the last 5 years.

Report abuse, theft or spam links: Google form
Someone has copied your content or placed your link on irrelevant website: use the page for removing content from Google.

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