New “Invoice” payment system

JobMount upgrades “Invoice” feature for job boards to promote the service and improve customers’ experience.

Job board customers have the ability to purchase products and easily create invoices with the attractive invoice template form. The user can print or download them as a PDF.

Products and services will not be activated until the invoice is approved by Job board admins. However, both job board customers and their admins receive email notifications relating to invoices, as well as the ability to view all payment history in their accounts or in admin.

Job board admins can easily approve invoices with one click and posting or resume search services will be automatically activated for clients.

Key benefits of the new functionality:

  • simple creation of invoices by clicking an Invoice button
  • invoice status tracking
  • notes to invoices and notifications on status change
  • reports are available for admins (e.g. new, paid and canceled invoices).
  • automatic invoice data sync – both job board customers and admins can see relevant invoice history with statuses

For more details contact your JobMount support manager.


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