SEO Dashboard Gets Upgraded to v3.0

JobMount upgraded its job board SEO technology to resolve duplicate job posting issues, meet new search engines standards, add micro formats usage for SE snippets, shorter URLs, provide faster response, better performance for large job volumes handing and more sophisticated logic for landing pages generation.


JobMount job board software SEO platform overview

JobMount software provides a fully automated SEO tool for landing pages creation. SEO pages get structures and optimized in a friendly way for Search Engines according to the list of chosen keywords and keyword combinations. Job Board SEO Dashboard offers various fine-tuning options described below.


Key SEO expert features (full list of SEO features):

  • Full control of keyword combinations optimization and synonyms utilization. Ability to avoid usage of irrelevant or obscene words and phrases entered by visitors

  • Avoiding pages duplications by making clear structure and using canonical tag

  • Optimization of active landing pages only, avoiding empty ones

  • Landing pages are linked to each other by relevancy and active jobs quantity

  • Full control of landing pages templates including URLs structure, titles, header, meta description and keywords, canonical link and other SEO-valuable tags with optional rules for specific keywords and keyword combinations

  • Full control on SEO-valuable tags for jobs, resume and employer profile pages

  • Automatic sitemap.xml generation, robots.txt editor and webmaster tools files

  • Compliance with all requirements of popular search engines


What’s new in JobMount SEO Dashboard 3.0?

  • Duplicates problem solution via advanced canonical tags mapping

  • Compliance of job search results pagination with new search engines standards

  • Microformat usage for rich SE snippets

  • Aggregator SEO mode (i.e. full job description pages are not available )

  • Larger job volumes handling

  • Flexible synonyms usage (i.e. use default, priority, random or list all)

  • Improved customization & linking logic for landing pages

  • Selective keyword intersections to exclude unwanted combinations

  • Shortened URLs for landing pages (e.g. or

  • High speed: Google page load requirements are met

JobMount job board keeps its SEO features regularly updated to comply with search engines requirements and address user needs.

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