Speed is important and we keep this in mind

Webmaster tools strongly recommends sites to be fast for best user experience.

This also results in better rankings for seedy sites and JobMount job board is fast.

As “fast site” is quite generic description so we are using Speed Index metric of Webpagetest

The Speed Index is the average time at which visible parts of the page are displayed.  It is expressed in milliseconds and dependent on size of the view port.

So the lower the Speed index – the better.

In 2015 “fast” are the sites with Speed Index 1000 and less.


Speed is important and we keep this in mind



We are happy to share speed test results for the home page of our job board software demo which is based on turnkey job board template

Speed test results

And for job the search results

Speed test results

Note that elements like AdSense, 3rd party scripts or heavy graphics etc might add up to the page load times though we do our best to have out-of-the-box job board site optimized.

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