Fields properties


1. Generic data fields properties
2. Specific data fields properties
3. Search fields properties

Generic data fields properties

Admin vacancy field properties

Name – specify field name to show on the job board software front end

Short Name – for system use only. For new fields use lowercase shortnames like “job_title”

Required – to make the field mandatory

Default Value – to set default field data

Show in Front End Site Forms – tick the checkboxes for define which front end forms should include current field

Show in Front End Site Pages – tick the checkboxes for define which site pages should include current field (see example)

Show in Admin Site Forms – tick the checkboxes for define which back end forms should include current field

Show in Admin Site Pages – tick the checkboxes for define which admin pages should include current field

Is used in export CSV feed – tick to include current field data into exported CSV file

Hint Text – type field description to popup on mouseover.

Show in “New Positions” Tag – available for vacancies only. Tick to show field in Latest jobs box.

Show in “Featured Jobs” Tag – available for vacancies only. Tick to show in Featured jobs box.

External Posting Options

Access PermissionUse as Identity – tick for both email and password employer’s fields to identify employer on external posting

Participate in External Posting – to specify that field can be filled via external posting

Validate Duplicate by This Field – tick for one or more fields to avoid duplicated posts during external posting. Job will not be accepted if ALL fields with this checkbox enabled are equal to data from external posting interface.

Required On Posting – Job will not be accepted from external posting interface if no data was specified for field(s) with this checkbox enabled.

Post Field Type – plain text description of the field. Is only used to generate posting interface information page.

Specific data fields properties

Text fields

Maximum Length – how long can the text be

Validate as Email – tick if you want to check whether the email was entered correctly.

Suggesting Options – tick to enable autosuggest functionality for current text field. Job board software system can show suggestions when text is typed into the field. Suggestions are taken from specified dictionary.

Email field

Validation Options: Check for unique – enables duplicates check to avoid multiple registrations with same email.

Date field

Format – set date formatting style, i.e. MM/dd/yyyy (see more Changing date format)

Select/multiselect fields

Dictionary – defines which dictionary to use with current field

Child Field – specify next level for multilevel fields, i.e. Country – City

Use ‘Any’ Option (or Use ‘Select All’ Option)- tick and enter text if you want to have “Select all” as the first field option

Limit Selection – defines how many options can be selected at once in multiselect field.


Maximum Size (bytes) – limit the size of attached files

File Types (separated by comma) – limit the types of attached files


Linking Options – allow pre-filling resume fields with info from candidate data, i.e. First name

Anonymous: Fields – select fields with contact details that should be hidden if resume was marked by candidate as anonymous.

Search fields properties

  • Keyword: Fields – specify the fields to look for keywords from a search form.
  • Default Value – specify default item for select fields or text for keyword fields.
  • Clear Default Value after submit – is used together with Default value to show examples like “i.e. Washington”
  • Show Name inside Search Criterion – option to show field name near the field or inside.
  • Hidden – tick to avoid showing current field on the front end. Used to manage search results, for example showing only active jobs and exclude expired jobs from the search results.
  • Weight in relevant search (avail in JobMount JobBoard v2.0 or higher) – change wight of a field in calculation of search relevancy.

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