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Job board customizations available via Admin area of the job board software:

  • template look & feel: logo, colors, fonts, CSS, images, backgrounds.
  • standard functionality settings: listings, database fields, etc. (based on software features included).

Below is the list of configurations included in initial activation for turnkey (and custom) solutions:


Global settings

Look & feel

Configurable forms

  • Job alerts, Search agents, Similar jobs settings
  • Contact us, Refer a friend, Send job to a friend, Forward resume to a colleague


  • Employer welcome page / advert

Content Management System

  • Update content sections structure & sitemap: Menu_editing
  • Supply text content (both public and private job seeker/employer areas of your job board software): Add content pages
  • Upload your images (make sure you are eligible to use them / purchase from sources like Upload new image guide


Activate front-end content editing to simplify & speed-up content updates.

Banners & advertising

RSS & XML Feeds customizations

Bulk posting interface

Provide BroadBean and Idibu (optional) with Job bulk posting XML interface settings.

Optional Extras:

Search Engine Optimization

Job Spider

Facebook and LinkedIn connect

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