Recurring payments via Stripe (subscriptions)

JobMount introduces an update to automatic payments via Stripe. You can now create subscription plans for your employers/candidates and set up recurring payments for various products sold on the site.

You control different options on both your Stripe account and in the admin of your job board.

Following features are included by default:

  1. You control the price of each product and its billing period (whether you want to charge daily, monthly or annually).
  2. Packages synchronization. You can set up packages in your Stripe account and synchronize them with the packages you sell via the job board. If you decide to change the name of the package, description or even the price and its billing period in your Stripe account, you won’t need to do the same manually in job board admin. The system will simply connect to Stripe via an API and pull all the information automatically.
  3. Set up a trial for your customers so they can test any product free of charge before deciding if they want to buy the full subscription. 
  4. Create coupon codes in your Stripe account and allow customers to apply them at checkout to receive different types of discounts (e.g. fixed price off a product vs. a specific percentage discount, one-time usage vs. multiple usage, discount codes for a particular customer, etc.)
  5. Automatic email notifications upon successful subscription, cancellation of a subscription or if payment for an existing subscription has failed at some point (the last email also includes a link that will allow your customers to change their billing data or use another credit card if there are insufficient funds on the main credit card initially used).
  6. Separate table for recurring payments on the job board with information about current active subscription and buttons to review payment receipt and/or cancel subscription.
  7. You can review and filter the list of your customers, their active and past subscriptions, details on the next billing period and the amount to be paid directly in your Stripe account.
  8. Various custom configurations in your Stripe account are available: customize receipts, customize logo, colors and images.

For additional information on how to activate recurring payments via Stripe, contact your JobMount job board account manager.

Recurring Stripe sample

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