Estimate SEO Traffic For Job Board

Assess potential job seeker traffic your job site can generate from Google and other search engines’ organic search results via Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
1. Open Google Keyword Tool
2. Supply your main keyword targets, language and visitors geography:
– popular / competitive keyword(s): normally, your industry niche + jobs, careers & vacancies (i.e. finance jobs, green jobs, etc.)
– long tail keywords: functions, job titles, sub industries + jobs

Estimate SEO Traffic For Job Board

Hit Search.
3. Deselect generic / irrelevant and single word combinations
Update Contains section: tick only keywords to estimate.

Match types: broad. It would estimate all instances of search that include ALL keywords from the phrase selected + any other words added to them. I.e. broad estimation for phrase risk jobs would provide the number of searches for combination like “risk manager jobs”, “risk jobs in Houston”, “credit risk jobs”, etc.

Estimate SEO Traffic For Job Board 2
4. Estimate traffic based on numbers of searches for keywords selected.

Sum global or local search volume (depending on your target job seekers geo).
Sum only short unique phrases. Ignore  unique phrase combinations with other keywords. I.e. as per example below: sum only risk jobs, risk careers, risk vacancy. Ignore “global risk jobs“, “enterprise risk jobs“, “technology risk jobs” for respective searches are already included / estimated in “risk jobsbroad search volume.

As per example below (global targeting)
Search volume is 126,100 =  110,000 +  14,800 + 1,300

Estimate SEO Traffic For Job Board 3
Job board monthly non-paid visitors from search engines average at 5-10% of total broad search volume.

  • 5%: for lower job board CTR / relevancy to search / multiple keyword meanings
  • 10%: for higher CTR / brand awareness / unique jobs / lesser keyword misinterpretation

So approximate organic traffic this job board can generate via SEO is 9K a month (7,5% of 126,100).

NB. Consider Long Tail vs popular keywords. Narrow job title, skill, location or function related keywords normally generate 60-90% search engine traffic and the highest application rates.

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