Google Personalized Search: Job Boards

What are the challenges brought by major Google results change? SEO gets more personalized and emphasis shifts towards wider content coverage.

How would search results change for job board?
Both popular (i.e. medical jobs) and long tail (i.e. accountant jobs Houston ACCA) searches will shift towards websites matching other job seeker “properties” (i.e. location, functions, skills, job title, companies, etc.).

Personalization log example:
someone is actively searching for content & visiting websites related to pediatricians, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins

Search influence expected:
generic job search query like medical jobs or pediatrician jobs would bring career sites relevant to:
– search query supplied
– geared towards websites containing pediatricians, Baltimore, Johns Hopkins content.

Content expansion and keyword optimization required
Job boards are to increase coverage for search terms relevant to job seekers interests (logged by Google):
– add relevant content (via blogs, communities / social networks, news, etc.)
– optimize jobs and landing pages for detailed search terms (Long Tail SEO) & make sure they are indexed.

Software for personalized SEO
Here are some of the features required to facilitate personalized content optimization:
automated landing pages & templates, keywords prioritization, intelligent job indexing
external RSS reader (get industry news content)
job spider (more jobs & regularly updated jobs content)
blogs & social networks integration

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