How to Get More from Your Job Board Software

Chances are you’ve seen viral lists like X Hidden Features Your Smartphone Has or X Useful iPhone Tricks online. And for good reason: today’s technology can serve a host of different functions, and it’s not easy to keep track of all of them.

If you’re using job board software, you don’t want to miss out on the ways to help employers fill openings faster and help applicants find relevant jobs quicker. Here are seven for users of JobMount.

1. Keep job seekers engaged after they leave your site with built-in job alerts

If an applicant wants to be notified of relevant listings, they can subscribe to job alerts, which email a curated jobs feed on a daily or weekly basis. And while we have a Mailchimp integration that can also help send job emails, our built-in job alerts do the same job in less time.

Benefit to job seekers: Relevant job listings right to their inbox

Benefit to employers: Gets listings in front of applicants

2. Direct attention to specific employers’ listings with featured and premium jobs

The labor shortage might be easing somewhat, but plenty of industries are still struggling to find the right talent. By offering featured and premium job listings, job boards can grow revenue while helping their clients grab the attention of more job seekers.

Benefit to job seekers: Highlights employers likely to respond quickly

Benefit to employers: More visibility

3. Curate jobs content with unlimited XML feed imports

If you’re running a job board, you want to make sure your listings are both A) current and B) relevant to your audience. JobMount lets you import as many XML job feeds as you want, so you gain creative control of your job board – without costly surcharges.

Benefit to job seekers: Updated and relevant jobs

Benefit to employers: Helps keep applicants on the site

4. Make it easy to apply from smartphones

While most Americans have tech to access the internet, not everyone has a desktop. That’s especially true among residents with the lowest income: while 76 percent have a smartphone, only 59 percent have a computer. Mobile-friendly applications help draw in a wider audience. And, like most things related to equity, this mobile friendliness benefits everyone.

Benefit to job seekers: Easier to apply for jobs

Benefit to employers: Increases the chances of finding a quality candidate

5. Simplify recurring payments with a Stripe integration

If employers are constantly hiring, they may want to pay to post new jobs each month. With our subscriptions feature, employers can automate monthly payments to you via Stripe.

Benefit to job seekers: Keeps sought-after listings on the job board

Benefit to employers: Takes a logistical task off their plate

6. Keep your branding consistent with custom themes

Job boards allow users to search for any job on the site. But some employers also want a custom job board page with only their jobs. The idea here is that these companies can link to this custom job board from their Careers page for a more streamlined application process. These job board pages need to also feel clean, straightforward, and consistent with other branding efforts. Our custom themes deliver that and more.

Benefit to job seekers: Provides a seamless web experience

Benefit to employers: Improves the odds candidates will see employers’ jobs

7. Build up jobs content with web scraping and organic backfilling

Any quality job board likely uses a combination of web scraping and organic backfilling to populate its site. Typically, outsourcing these tasks means going to another company beyond your job board software provider. But that’s not the case with us – we offer web scraping services and access to an organic backfilling feed we call JobsIndex.

Benefit to job seekers: More listings to browse

Benefit to employers: Simplifies the process of adding or updating listings and attracts a larger audience

The Best Job Board Software Includes Top-of-the-Line Customer Support

Even if you’ve found the best job board software, there’s a good chance you’ll need help adopting it and learning about its various features. That’s where a customer support team comes in. Personally, we feel like we’ve got one of the best customer service teams in the game. But don’t take it from us – see what one of our customers, College Recruiter, has to say.

Haven’t landed on a job board software yet? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to walk you through the ins and outs of job board software options during a live demo call. Contact us to schedule one.

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