Mini-blog feature (publications)

JobMount introduces a mini-blog feature that allows you to create your personal simple articles and publications via the job board admin panel and post them directly on your job board site on a separate unique URL.

Following options for articles/publications are provided by default:

  • Create and manage various sections and post section-specific articles;
  • Each article/publication consists of the following fields:

Short description

  • You may highlight specific articles and feature them at the top of each section;
  • System can automatically pull the post date and place it on the publication page (if needed);
  • Specify how many articles you want to show per page (pagination may be required in order to reduce the site’s loading time if you plan on having dozens of articles with images);
  • Share your articles on various social media platforms with custom meta tags and relevant images using the Open Graph protocol;
  • A list of relevant articles/publications is displayed on each page in random order (based on the section);

In order to activate this feature on your job board and help set everything up, you may need to contact your job board account manager for assistance.

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