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Hide application & employer details for job seekers with no subscriptions purchased

Software front-end: job advert page, job seeker can not view employer company name and contacts unless subscription is purchased


Software front-end: job seeker tries to apply, software offers to subscribe in order to apply


Software front-end: job seeker account, products purchase page.


Configure software to request subscription payment for job seeker to be able to apply, view specific employer details

1. Choose employer / job fields to hide for non-subscribed job seeker

Choose at least one hidden field for employer / job in order for system to request subscription / payment from job seeker.

Choice of fields to hide is managed via:

Site Settings: Employer: Employer settings:
Site Settings: Vacancy: Vacancy settings:

Update Anonymous field properties:


2. Create subscriptions / pricing (paid items and payment packages)

Active paid item is required for access

Job board software will offer full access to application and employer data hidden (set above) once at least one payment package with any paid item is purchased.

Paid items difference is time period only

Paid items triggering access for job seeker can be created for any periods of time (1 month, 3 months, 6 months subscriptions). Content of paid items (services triggered) will always be the same (defined by hidden features / data set above).

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