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1. Navigate job board application's admin section to open Logo section:

Home: Dynamic Content: Main: Layout: Logo

2. Update logo image via following editing screen:


Do not change: Path, Node name, Node approved fields.

Update fields as required:

2.1. Title

Supply alternative text.


2.2. Image

Logo file URL. Browse for new logo: File:Image_update_icon.png icon.

Learn more on image files selection & upload: Upload new image.

2.3. Width & height

Supply maximum allowed Width & Height of visual within layout. Make sure your logo file has exact size or less than both dimension limitations. Otherwise, system will automatically shrink logo that exceeds limits set.

i.e. If logo file is 500px width, it will be reduced automatically to 350px as per limit set. Constraint proportions.

It is recommended to upload logo in same dimensions as it should show up on the job board application front-end because some browsers do coarse resize.

3. Click File:Submit_changes_button.png button to save.

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