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Currencies and regions editing

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Payment packages are linked to both regions and currencies.

Regions configuration

Configure regions so you can offer region-specific currency, packages and pricing.

Employer, Purchase Products page screenshot: regions and currencies choice.


1. Navigate Admin section of the job board software.

Site Settings: Payment System: Regions Management

2. Update default regions offered:


- add new region

- delete region

- edit name of the region

Please note:

at least one region is required for you to be able to configure pricing.

Currency configuration

Set up one or multiple currencies to price your services and charge for them.

1. Navigate job board Admin section.

Site Settings: Payment System: Currencies Management

2. Update default currencies offered:


- add new currency

- delete currency

- edit name of the currency

Please note:

at least one currency is required for you to be able to configure pricing.

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