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Bulk post jobs, upload resumes, candidates and employers via CSV Data Upload feature:

Download Data Upload Guide PDF

You can use CSV Data Upload feature of JobMount job board software to import your data if:

1. You are uploading either:

  • candidate accounts
  • resumes for candidates
  • employer accounts
  • vacancies

2. Your job board software database fields are finalized (candidates / resumes or employers / vacancies).

3. Your data for upload is organized in a spreadsheet and can be saved as .CSV file.

4. Text data retrieved from CSV can be either:

  • Saved as text field
  • Matched with database dropdown list settings

5. Your data upload does not require any of the following:

  • merging 2 or more fields into one
  • entities linked to data uploaded, i.e. applications, questionnaires, attached files, etc.
  • html extraction, encoding change, links replacement or any numerical changes
  • password generation
  • merging with existing entities (i.e. replacing existing vacancies by ID)

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