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1. Paid items examples:

  • 5 jobs
  • 6 months of resume search
  • unlimited job postings for 1 year
  • featured job posting
  • banner advertisement on homepage, etc.

2. Enlist all products & services:

Paid items enlist all single or multiple products & services offered by your website. Paid items have a period of usage allocated. They can be a single or unlimited use items within period specified.

3. Paid items form Payment packages and have no price.

Payment packages are formed based on single or multiple paid items and are priced accordingly.

4. Single or unlimited paid items

To create one-shot or unlimited paid items tick or un-tick Single action checkbox respectively.

Paid items editing

1. Navigate job board software Admin

Site Settings: Payment System: Employer Paid Item List

2. Update paid items:


- add new - delete - edit properties

3. Edit properties or create new paid item:


Fields meaning:

Name: brief description of the service offered under paid item.

Paid Item Type: following types are offered:

  • Job Post: Normal job advert
  • Banner Advertising: Homepage, job seeker or employer advertising slots for banner placements
  • Job Slot: Featured job placement
  • Full Resume Details: Resume search will offer full job seeker profile access.
  • Limited Resume Details: Resume search will not show hidden job seeker details.

Paid Item Period Type: the type of period paid item can be activated for.

Paid Item Period: number of periods paid item will be activated for.

Paid Item Quantity: the quantity of items, i.e. 30 job postings.

Single Action: unchecked for unlimited number of actions (i.e. job postings).

Active Period (days): is used for job postings only. Indicates the period before automatic expiry.

Limit number of resumes viewed by any employer during searches via Site Parameters: Resume search limits (Global website properties editing).

After paid items configuration is done

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