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All of your website products & services are offered as Payment packages. Payment packages contain single or multiple paid items (i.e. 5 job postings, 1 month of resume search, etc.). Each payment package has a name, paid items, price, currency and a region.

Examples of packages

  • Singe job
  • 5 jobs
  • 1 week of Resume database access
  • 10 jobs plus Featured job posting
  • Unlimited jobs plus Resume database access for 1 month
  • 1 month of resume database access plus Banner advertising

1. Configure paid items (Employer paid items editing)

2. Navigate job board software Admin

Site Settings: Payment System: Employer Packages List

3. Choose region to create payment packages for:


Update payment packages:

- add new

- delete

- edit properties

- sort by drag&drop (Changing field sequence in forms)

4. Adding new payment package

4.1. Add new payment package by hitting create button.


Fill out name, price, currency, regions to show package for, brief description.

Only packages used for Promo Coupons price should be set to 0.

Tick Don't show on front end checkbox for packages still being configured or the ones created for Promo Coupons activation only.

Paid items will not be initially shown. Save package and return to editing in order to add Paid items.

Save the package details.

4.2. Choose the newly create package and hit Edit to allocate paid items for it.

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