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1. Navigate job board software admin

Site Settings: Site parameters
For Jobmount versions before v.2:
Content Tree: Home: Dynamic Content: Main: Texts: Site Parameters

2. Update current website properties:


Fields description:

  • Site URL should be in format (with http but without ending slash)
  • Company name, Address and Phone are requisites of your company
  • Send notifications to is an email address to send all system notifications and for applications when no email present in employer account (which is possible for scraped jobs).
  • Search Limits are 0 by default which means no limit. Specify any positive number if you want to limit number of jobs/resumes shown in search results.
  • Resume search feature active - switch on/off resume search.
  • Resume Reminder: days to define in how many days should system send a reminder email to new candidates that did not created any resumes.
  • Resume Reminder: repeats - number of resume reminders sent.
  • Check XML Posting permissions - set Yes to allow jobs posting via external posting interface only for those employers who has job post package. See more Job bulk posting XML interface
  • Relevant Search Rank (avail in Jobmount V.2 and above) - set cut-off threshold for search results so jobs or resumes with low relevancy are not shown on search results. Value should be between 0.0 and 1.0.
  • Relevant Search Normalization Option (avail in Jobmount V.2 and above) - keyword normalization algorithm used. Options are 0, 2, 8 or 32 to see which works best for your requirements.

RE & Keywords

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  • How do I set resume searching limit
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