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Inserting video via wysiwyg

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Client video can be added to Employer profile page or job advert via embed tag inserted into WYSIWYG area:


Steps to follow:

1. Obtain YouTube or other video hosting service HTML object code opening your video.

YouTube screenshot: copy code highlighted to insert into WYSIWYG:


2. Open page to add video to (via admin or member secure area of the job board software).

3. Find WYSIWYG editor window to insert video to.

Click File:Html_wysiwyg_icon.png icon to open HTML / source code for editing:


4. Insert Object code retrieved from YouTube or other video hosting service into HTML area and click Update button:


System will place object into WYSIWYG area.

5. Add following line into HTML video code with other param tags to avoid showing video on top of the forms:

<param name="wmode" value="opaque" />

6. Save the page.

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