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The optimization of specific landing pages is required if:

  • you wish to enhance optimization of specific keywords,
  • you wish to increase keyword coverage by optimizing for secondary keyword combinations.

Use SEO Dashboard to place unique (not template) content on certain landing pages.

1. Follow the path

Site Settings →  SEO Management → Vacancy URL Management

2. Choose the URL type File:Urlmngmnt.jpg

3. Add new rule File:Addrule.jpg

There are 3 types of rules applying to URL's in hierarchical pattern

  • Common – will be applied for all landing pages created by correspond URL type if specific rules are not defined for them
  • Semi-Private – can be used for URL's consisting of two and more search parameters. They are used for making specific settings for in example “Construction jobs” in [any state of USA].
  • Private – is used for certain definition of settings for particular URL. In example “Construction jobs” in “California”.

4. Select rule type Semi Private or Private

5. Define corresponding items (choose specific industry from Select field or type the keyword which is used in Keywords management) File:Create private.jpg

6. Put specific texts and meta tags for this certain page.

!Note: you do not need variables for items which are specifically defined

If your common rule contains SEO variables like Relevant Searches, do not forget to copy and paste the code to Private and Semi-Private pages

File:Add content.jpg

An Example:

follow the page you have made settings for:


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