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Pay per application pricing configuration

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Employer: applications viewing process example

1. Employer reviews list of jobs and applications statistics:


2. Employer follows Applied link to review applicants' details:


3. Job board software system will open full details of applicant only if Full resume details paid item is activated for / purchased by Employer. Otherwise access to a resume will be either restricted or limited applicant profile view be offered.

Full application view example: both profile & resume file attached


Limited view example: contact details are hidden


Activating Pay Per Application View pricing via admin

1. Navigate job board software admin

Content Tree: Home: Dynamic Content: Main: Texts: Site Parameters

2. Update following site properties:


Application view is controlled by full resume details paid item:

Yes option

Will only allow full(limited) applicant details viewing for Employer with Full(limited) resume details paid item active/purchased.

No option

Will offer full access to applicant details for all Employers (including the ones with no resume views purchased).

3. Create limited resume details paid item and hidden Payment Package. Activate this Payment Package for all Employers upon registration. How to: Hide candidate contacts but show profile info.

This will enable limited applicant's details viewing for Employers.

4. Create full resume details-based paid items and create Payment packages to purchase for application/resume viewing. Either per view or unlimited viewing per period options are available. How to: Employer paid items editing, Employer payment packages editing.

This will enable full applicant's details viewing for Employers who purchased resume viewing packages.

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