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Payments and pricing overview

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Payment packages and items

All of your website products & services are offered as Payment packages. Payment packages contain single or multiple paid items (i.e. 5 job postings, 1 month of resume search, etc.). Each payment package has a name, paid items, price, currency and a region.


- Differentiate pricing by geo regions and currencies.

- Price job postings by:

  • Number of job postings per specific period of time
  • Unlimited postings for a period of time

- Price resume search by:

  • Period of time resume search can be accessed
  • Limit number of resume views per period of time

- Create services activation coupons for disounted offers / mailers

- Obtain payments via credit cards / payment gateways or generate invoice

- Activate services & track history via admin

- Email notifications upon service purchase

- Configurable reporting for payments tracking

Proceed to Pricing and payments configuration guide.

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