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Choosing PayPal product / registering merchant account

Visit PayPal website: purchase Website Payments Standard product for obtaining payments online (via JobMount software too).

Admin configuration

1. Navigate Admin section of your job board application:

Site Settings: Payment System: Payment System Management

2. System will offer payment gateways currently integrated:


Edit: Payment gateways management.

3. Open PayPal properties: click on logo or File:Edit_icon.png:

PayPal properties screen will be offered:


4. Supply either test or live account settings:

Test account

Create your own test account on PayPal or inquire for JobMount test account details so you can test website payments and services activation prior to going live.

Live account

Supply live account data when your job board application is ready to go live.

Payment gateway account properties to be supplied:

- Paypal default settings are supplied for you in JobMount admin by default.

- Provide your unique email ("business" field).

- Confirm if website URL is supplied correctly in "Site Properties" global settings.

5. Save changes.

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